About Us

A Passion for Fashion

Welcome to our Wedding Dress Online Store! I’ve been passionate about fashion my whole life, and a professional since 00's. For more information about my services and future appearances and events, please get in touch today. This site is designed for lovers, on a budget. I say Less is More!

Why D'Wed?  When I was planning my own wedding I had very little money and I struggled to find an affordable perfect wedding dress. I felt sad and desperate. Almost every site I went on had dresses I could not afford. I eventually got one but I was not happy with the price.

Since then, I decided to take matters into my own hand. I am here to provide an affordable, sophisticated, perfect wedding dress.  So Voila! I hope you find your "perfect" affordable wedding dress here. Say I do in your perfect wedding dress.

Slay chickkkkk!


Dea xo